Tumbled Corundum


Corundum comes in many colors. Red corundum is called ruby, blue corundum, as well as any other colors respectively, are called Sapphire. The word Corundum is derived from the Tamil word "Kuruntam" meaning "Ruby".

Both Ruby and Sapphire are considered Divine gemstones and have been prized throughout history and across many cultures, often used as talisman of protection and prosperity. They are considered 'Precious' stones and share this prestigious category with only Diamond and Emerald. Ruby has fire energy that stimulates circulation and increases life-force energy. It is a symbol of the sun and is a nurturing stone that provides healing and positive effects on the physical body and spirit. Ruby is also a stone of Love. 

You will receive one randomly selected piece similar in quality to those shown in the photos. Pieces measures approximately 1" in size.