Tourmalinated Quartz Pendulum


Tourmalinated Quartz is natural quartz crystal with the inclusion of Black Tourmaline (Schorl). Quartz, known as the 'Master Healer', is a revitalizing energy amplifier that enhances psychic abilities. Black Tourmaline is a highly protective and grounding stone. Together, Quartz and Tourmaline make for one mighty metaphysical stone that is perfect for pendulum work!

Each Quartz point is suspended from an 8.5" chain. You will receive ONE Tourmalinated Quartz Pendulum. Please expect the amount of tourmaline inclusion to vary as these are natural earth made crystals.

Pendulums can be used to connect and gain information from your Higher Self (your intuitive spirit), your Physical Being (the cells of your body) or your spirit guide. With practice, you can also use them to test objects by placing the object in one palm (or in the center of a pendulum board) and then asking pertinent questions regarding the object at hand.