The Sacred Geometry EVERYTHING Shelf
The Sacred Geometry EVERYTHING Shelf
The Sacred Geometry EVERYTHING Shelf
The Sacred Geometry EVERYTHING Shelf
The Sacred Geometry EVERYTHING Shelf
The Sacred Geometry EVERYTHING Shelf

The Sacred Geometry EVERYTHING Shelf

Please allow 7 business days for your Sacred Geometry shelf to leave our studio! Thank you!

This shelf is EVERYTHING and this shelf is all about YOU! Encompass your entire collection of magical goods and curiosities... all of those special treasures that make you, you. Tarot cards, crystals, candles, incense, here is that special place to store it all!

Full nail construction makes for a rock solid and secure shelf. Attention to detail at every step of the hand crafted process gives you a polished and finished display. Hanging hardware pre-installed so your shelf is ready for immediate wall display. Handmade here in Pennsylvania!

Wood: Poplar
Outside Dimension: 30" wide. 26" tall. 4" deep
Shelf Spacing: Peak of shelf has opening of 6" tall. Remaining shelves have opening of approximately 5" tall.
Stain: Warm Walnut
Finish: Beeswax and Natural Oils
Handmade in Pennsylvania
Precision Carving

Carefully handcrafted to become a meaningful and functional piece of decor for your home! The theme we selected for this design is Sacred Geometry.  Sacred universal shapes and patterns that form the fabric of our reality. 17 symbols carved into the base of the shelf. 

Included in this design are the 5 "Platonic Solids".These shapes are examples of polyhedra, all of whose faces are congruent regular polygons and where the same number of faces meet at every vertex. The earliest description of them as a group is in Plato's Timaeus. All 5 of these sacred shapes are contained within Metatrons' Cube. All creations in our world can be traced to these shapes in one form of another.

In the center of our design is our perfect circle, the Sphere. In an alternating, every-other pattern to either side of the center are symbols of the simple numbers of Numerology.

One representative of unity, wholeness and new beginnings. The center.

Two Duality. The Sun and the Moon. Male and Female. Balance of energies.

Three The number three bridges Heaven and Earth. The triangle is the first stable Polygon. The Triad. Earth, Life and Death. 

Four Earth, Air, Fire and Water. North, South, East and West. New Moon, Full Moon, Waxing Moon and Waning Moon. Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall. The number four is the symbol of our natural world and the basis of three-dimensional space.

Five Five is the universal number of reproduction, biological life and water. Five is found on each hand and each foot. 

Six Six brings perfection, structure and order. The hexagon is formed by six equilateral triangles which are writable in the circle. The six is then connected to the circle, or to the notion of cycle. The great cycles of the universe are multiple of six. It is the number of the "sixth" sense.

Seven Considered the number of the perfect man. Seven Chakras. Seven groups of crystal structures. Seven Wonders of the World.

Eight The Number of the perfection. The symbol of Infinity is represented by a sideways 8. Eight is the number of vertices of a cube or faces of the octahedron. Within architecture the octagon often signifies the transition between Heaven and Earth. The lotus is represented symbolically with 8 petals.

Nine is the triad of triads, the first odd square number. Nine is the celestial number of order. Being the last simple number, Nine symbolizes completion and fruition.

SHIPPING INFORMATION: Due to the weight of this piece, this shelf is set for U.S. shipping only.  Ships via USPS Parcel Select. If you would like Priority Shipping, please contact me for rates. If you are outside of the U.S. and interested in purchasing this design, please contact me with your address for shipping rates. Thank you!

Please Note: You will receive one shelf and it will be very similar to the ones shown in the photos. Crystals and minerals shown are for example only and are not included with the shelf.