The Moon - Art Print
Lunar Phases with Quartz Crystal Art Print
The Moon Art Print Moon Phases Northern Hemisphere As told by Stone and Violet
The Moon - Art Print

The Moon - Art Print

The Moon
as told by Stone & Violet

Total Print Size: 8" x 10". Image size slightly smaller to allow signature and title information in lower border.

Available in two variationsPlease be sure to select the appropriate variation from the drop down menu. Your choice of the Northern Hemisphere order or the Southern Hemisphere order.

A collection of astronomy symbols and little known moon facts spinning around a central wheel of the lunar phases. Astronomical symbols have been used since ancient times. The 'modern' symbol for the Sun (dot within the circle) dates back to the Renaissance. Many of these symbols were also used in Alchemy, for example, the Sun symbol representing Gold and the crescent Moon symbol representing Silver.

© Stone & Violet 2015-2017. Image not to be used or reproduced without the written consent of Stone & Violet.