The Mama Alchemy Shelf - 23" tall


Please allow up to one week for your handmade shelf to leave our studio. Thank you!

The Stone & Violet Alchemy Shelf features symbols representing, The Three Primes, The Four Elements and The Seven Metals. 

At Alchemy's core, the cosmos is fitted into three spiritual substances, Sulfur, Salt and Mercury. Together they are known as the Tria Prima, The Three Primes. The Alchemists also believed that all matter was composed of the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These four elements were considered the building blocks of all matter. With the correct combination of elements, it was theorized that any substance on earth could be formed. Finally, belief in the connection between the seven metals with the 'seven planets' reaches back into ancient history. The link between man, the earth-bound metals and the wider cosmos has long ago been established. Gold has always been associated with the Sun, and Silver, with The Moon. The seven metals and their planetary and astrological correspondences are important in many aspects of alchemy and modern energy workings.

Carefully and cleanly carved into the base of the Alchemy Shelf are symbols for the following:

The Three Primes: Sulfur, Salt & Mercury
The Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire & Water
The Seven Metals:
  • GOLD dominated by The Sun
  • SILVER dominated by The Moon
  • COPPER dominated by Venus
  • IRON dominated by Mars
  • TIN dominated by Jupiter
  • MERCURY (quicksilver) dominated by Mercury
  • LEAD dominated by Saturn

    Full nail construction (no glue!) for a solid and secure shelf.
    Wood: Poplar
    Dimension: Approximately 23" tall, 12" wide and 1.7" deep.
    7 Usable Shelf Tiers
    Stain: Dark Walnut
    Finish: Beeswax and Natural Oils
    Precision carving
    Handmade in Pennsylvania

    The back panel of the shelf has been branded with a Stone & Violet marking. A sawtooth hanger has been pre-installed for wall display, however this design can also be displayed resting on a shelf, table or mantle. Rubber bumpers have been placed on the lower two corners for shelf balance and leveling. All of our shelves are crafted from Poplar wood with full nail construction (no glue!) for a solid and strong display for your crystals and other special treasures. 

    The Mama Alchemy shelf measures approximately 23" tall, 12" wide and 1.7" deep. This shelf has seven usable shelf levels to place your crystals, minerals or other treasures. The space at the peak of the shelf is ideal for a small crystal point. The remaining shelves have a usable space that measure from 1" (this space is ideal for small tumbled stones) on up to 4.3" (which is great for larger display pieces).

    Please allow up to 5 business days for your shelf to leave our studio. Thank you.

    You will receive one shelf and it will be very similar to the shelf shown in the photos. Wood grain patterns vary. Crystals and minerals shown are for example only and are not included with the shelf.