RARE Manifestation Spirit Quartz Cluster - 271gms


While handling this piece for photos I discovered a surprising find! My eye was caught by what appeared to be a phantom inclusion in the largest termination. After taking a closer look, I discovered that this 'phantom' had a crystal face that reflected light! This was no phantom, it is a crystal within a crystal! (see second and third photo). A larger crystal termination has grown directly over top of only a slightly smaller termination. A special find, known as a Manifestation crystal!

Manifestation crystals are truly rare and wondrous crystals and are believed to have the purest vibration of any quartz crystal! This special crystal can be recognized by the presence of a fully formed crystal growing completely enclosed within a larger crystal. The inner crystal is older and wiser, but it is now contained within the younger, larger crystal. These powerful crystals are powerful allies in conscious creation and manifestation. 

This special cluster measures 3.5" at its largest dimension and weighs 271gms. It is a light, smoky quartz variety with the most subtle hint of lilac coloring throughout and a hint of golden Hematite at the underside. Great sparkle around the piece due to its many, clean and sharp crystal terminations!