Shungite Charging Board and Sphere Stand


This is a limited edition design and will not be restocked after this batch is gone. I have hand cut and shaped Shungite tiles to fit within a handcrafted solid wood board. This lovely piece features 12 divots placed in perfect symmetry around the permanently embedded Shungite tile.

Charge and re-energize your crystals in your home or bring it under the moon and safely place your spheres for magnified charging under the Moon!

Board measures 9" x 8" in size.

About Shungite: Shungite is a rare ancient carbon-based, noncrystalline mineral that comes from a deposit in the Shunga region of Karelia in Russia. It is estimated to be around two billion years old. Shungite is a highly metaphysical stone, one that protects, promotes growth, restores, and regenerates. Shungite is a purifier due to its carbon and fullerene content and is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. It is the perfect surface for cleansing and charging your favorite crystals, minerals and other items. In recent times it has become a popular choice for keeping near computer work spaces for absorbing and protecting against EMF energy fields. 

Please Note: You will receive board with embedded Shungite tile as shown in the last photo. No spheres are included with the board and are for decoration and example purposes only.

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