Set of 7 Crystal & Gemstone Spheres


Crystal Spheres are one of the most powerful tools used in crystal healing. A crystal sphere emits a beautiful, high frequency of harmony and positive energy due to its smooth, round symmetrical shape. Since ancient times, the sphere has been considered a superior shape to all others. A gemstone sphere radiates, clear,  positive energy in all directions which makes them the perfect object to hold and focus on for healing and ritual work.

In this set you will receive 7 natural and genuine gemstone spheres. You will receive one each of the following. Beautiful high quality Garnet (be sure to bring yours out into the sunshine to see it sparkle its fiery color), Clear Quartz, Solid Copper, White Onyx, Black Obsidian, Rose Quartz and Peach Moonstone. 

Spheres will be similar in size to those shown in the photos, which range from approximately 53mm down to 15mm. This set contains over 1lb of spheres.