SECONDS - The Crescent Moon Carved Solid Wood Shelf

$125.10 $139.00

This is a seconds quality shelf only due to the wood grain texture. There are no flaws on this shelf and its a great piece! You will be receiving the exact shelf shown in the second photo. Below you will find shelf dimensions as well as shelf spacing measurements. Returns not accepted on seconds shelves. Thank you.

The light of the moon seems to contain a magic all its own, universally representing the rhythm of time and the continual evolution of the soul. We draw on the moons power for magic and we practice rituals according to her cycles. This is a beautiful way to bring your love for the Moon into your space with a unique piece thats both meaningful and functional!

Handmade in Pennsylvania These unique pieces are lovingly crafted one shelf at a time here in my Pennsylvania wood shop. Cut and shaped from a solid plank of wood, the crescent moon shelf is fully carved, crafted without the use of nails or glue! Beautiful beveling where the carved shelf levels meet the interior of the moon and a perfectly rounded, smooth outer edge for a lovely three-dimensional effect! 

Wood: Poplar
Construction: Solid wood carving (no nails or glue).
Dimension: 12"in diameter and 1" Deep
Stain: Dark Walnut
Finish: Natural Oil Blend
  • The reverse side has been branded with a Stone & Violet marking.
  • Hanging hardware comes pre-installed on the reverse side (two points of hanging so that the moon hangs balanced).
  • Rubber bumpers in place for shelf leveling.

Height of shelf openings are as follows:
Top Shelf: 2" at tallest point.
Second shelf: 2.5"
Third Shelf: 1.45"
Bottom Shelf" 1.7" at tallest point.

You will receive one shelf and it will be very similar to the shelf shown in the photos. Wood grain patterns vary. Crystals and minerals shown are for example only and are not included with the shelf.