SECONDS Midnight Blue Carved Moon Phase Box and Sphere Stand

$83.99 $89.00

SECONDS quality due only to a very tiny little scratch in the wood right above the center full moon. You will be receiving the exact box shown in the second and third photo, this is a very minor marking. This discounted piece is box only, no spheres included.

Moon phase carving in metallic midnight blue adorns the top edge of this multi-functional box. The full moon has been hollowed out for display of your favorite crystal sphere! Perfect for a wide array of treasures, such as crystals, tarot and runes!

You may choose to purchase box only, or add in a Copper Sphere or Selenite Sphere as shown. Copper Sphere measures 30mm, Selenite Sphere measures 38mm.

  • Handmade in Pennsylvania
  • Wood: Poplar
  • Construction: Full nail (no wood glue)
  • Stain: Walnut
  • Finish: Natural Oil Blend
DIMENSIONS: Exterior tray dimensions are approximately 11" long x 11" wide x 2" deep.
PLEASE NOTE: You will be receiving the handmade tray only. Tarot cards, wands, herbs and additional crystals shown are not included (other than the option to add a Selenite or Copper sphere as detailed above). Mini Copper Spheres show are available as an add-on here