SECONDS - Forest Moon Phase Box and Sphere Stand

$82.00 $89.00

You will be receiving the exact box and quartz sphere shown in the second, third and fourth photo. The flaw on this box is on the inside of one of the two compartments. There is a dark line going through the wood. This is not a scratch and cannot be felt. No returns on Seconds pieces. Thank you!

This unique engraving pattern was designed in-house and is fully original to Stone & Violet. This beautiful carving features an inverse carving of the lunar phases encompassed within an ornate star and forest border. The full moon has been hollowed out for display of your favorite crystal sphere! Two large openings on either side of the moon detailing are perfect for a wide array of treasures, such as crystals, tarot and runes!

  • Handmade in Pennsylvania
  • Wood: Poplar
  • Construction: Full nail (no wood glue)
  • Stain: Walnut
  • Finish: Natural Oil Blend
DIMENSIONS: Exterior tray dimensions are approximately 11" long x 11" wide x 2" deep.
PLEASE NOTE: You will be receiving the handmade tray only. Tarot Cards and crystals shown are not included.