SECONDS - Black Jasper Element Obelisk

$14.75 $19.00

These are second quality Element Obelisks. These pieces all have a good bit of personality, such as mottling or heavy veining within the jasper. All points, edges and engravings are intact. Your piece will be similar in quality to those shown in the third and fourth photos.

Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The simplest form of existence. In order for any life to exist, these four elements must be present. Earth fuels fire, fire is extinguished by water, water is contained by earth and earth creates air. These elements are the cycle of birth, life and transition into the beyond. Your obelisk will measure approximately 3.75" - 4.5" tall.

You will receive ONE black jasper Obelisk featuring the four elements and matching symbols carved and embellished into the sides of the piece. Each side features one of the four elements. A pentagram has been carved into the underside.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

Earth - The basis and foundation of all Elements. Earth is the place we live, it is our soil, our stone and our sand. Earth is the strength and force within all of us. Earth is the element of stability, wisdom, strength, growth and prosperity.

Air - Air is vital to the survival of all living beings. Air is the manifestation of movement and communication. It represents all that we cannot see such as our souls, our minds and our spirits. Air is the power of the mind, inspiration and imagination. Air is knowledge, dreams and wishes. Air is the element of new life and new possibilities.

Fire - Fire is transformation. It provides us with heat and light. The Fire element is unique in that it can only exist by consuming another element. The Fire element represents commitment, motivation, compassion, lust, creativity and fertility. It is the element of change. 

Water - Water is the greatest necessity. Without water, life cannot be. Water is our rivers, lakes, ocean and rain. It is a cleansing, healing, nourishing, loving and purifying. Water is peace, friendship and love.

Pentagram - The Pentagram is a widespread sacred ancient symbol with many different meanings and representations. In earth-based faith, it is a beautiful, positive, powerful sign of wholeness. The four lower points represent the classical elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water and the point at the top represents the Divine Spirit. 

Please Note: These stones have been carved from natural earth-made jasper. There may be divots, inclusions and other 'flaws' consistent with earth-made stones.