SECONDS 9" Flower of Life Crystal Grid - 19 divots

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This is a seconds quality 9" grid. You will be receiving the exact grid shown in the second photo. The engraving pattern is shallower on two edges and deeper throughout the rest of the grid. No returns on seconds quality. Thank you!

The Flower of Life is one of the oldest sacred symbols known to man and is considered the perfect form. The oldest known example of the Flower of Life is present in the Temple of Osiris in Abydos, Egypt, carved into the granite walls and estimated at over 6,000 years old. This highly regarded symbol depicts the fundamental forms of space and time.

This beautiful heirloom grid has been crafted from solid Poplar wood that measures almost 1" thick. Engraved in fine detail, stained in a walnut finish and coated in a blend of natural oil.

This sacred geometric symbol has been crafted as a powerful energy grid, it also double duties as a sphere stand for up to 19 spheres while not in use for grid-work! Sphere divots are large enough to securely balance your crystal spheres but small enough that tumbled stones and points can rest right over top, for times when you want to use crystals other than spheres within your grid-work. 

Please Note: Pictures show 12" grid. Crystals and Minerals shown are not included. Please allow up to one weeks ship time for your grid. Thank you.