Paid in Full.

  • Payment 1 PAID 1/15 - $75
  • Paymeny 2 PAID 2/16 - $75
  • Payment 3 PAID 2/28 - $75
  • Final PAID - $75
  • Free Insured Shipping. 
Dragons Blood Sphere - 220.50
Carnelian Slice - 9.99
Wolf Labradorite - 33
Unicorn Labradorite - 39
Total = $300 with Free, Fully Insured Shipping.


This is a magnificent and very large Dragon Blood sphere! The coloring is absolutely fantastic with the gorgeous blue veining weaving throughout varying shades of green jasper and deep red jasper.

Dragons Blood and Bloodstone are similar minerals, both part of the Jasper family. Bloodstone Jasper has a darker green whereas Dragons Blood Jasper has lighter, varying shades of green with deep red jasper. Folklore says that Dragons Blood Jasper is the remains of ancient dragons with the dragons skin as the green and the dragons blood as the red. A magical mineral! 

This large piece weighs 7.77lb and measures a whopping 130mm in diameter.

Insurance included when shipped within the U.S. If shipping to outside of the U.S., please contact me for shipping insurance rates. Thank you!