RETIRING - The Mama Moon Phase Shelf - 23" tall


ORIGINAL BRANDED VERSION. The Stone & Violet Moon Phase shelf has been in production for 8 years now in my home studio in Pennsylvania. This design is near and dear to my heart and I have enjoyed crafting the thousands that have sold throughout that time. However, as an artist and creator, it is time for me to move on to my next journey. For my last batch of shelves, I have gone back to my very first branding iron that I crafted for this design. You will receive ONE shelf in the branded style shown in the photos. There is very limited stock left. I will NOT be restocking this design again. Thanks for the love and appreciation for this design throughout the years. I started crafting and offering this design as a young mother and via the popularity of this shelf (and some of my other designs through the passing years) it has allowed me to work from home and stay at home to raise my little ones (who aren't so little anymore!) I am beyond grateful. -Lauren


The Mama Moon Phase Shelf features the Northern Hemisphere Lunar Phase order carved into the base of the piece with two-tone finishing for a beautiful and deep emblem. This marking is a representation of the rhythm of time and progression. A reminder to embrace, respect and honor the stages of ones life course. 

Each phase in the Moons cycle resonates with magical significance and brings with it special energy. Central to the design is our beautiful and bright Full Moon. The Full Moon is symbolic of clarity, fullness, maturity and the height of power. It is the time to execute and focus on those intentions created, set into motion and worked upon during the New Moon, Waxing and Waning Moon Phases. Create a ritual... customize, build and refresh your crystal collection at the times of our changing lunar cycle. 

Full nail construction (no glue!) for a solid and secure shelf.
Wood: Poplar
Dimension: A
pproximately 23" tall, 12" wide and 1.7" deep.
7 Usable Shelf Tiers
Finish: Beeswax and Natural Oils
Precision carving
Handmade in Pennsylvania

The back panel of the shelf has been branded with a Stone & Violet marking. A sawtooth hanger has been pre-installed for wall display, however this design can also be displayed resting on a shelf, table or mantle. Rubber bumpers have been placed on the lower two corners for shelf balance and leveling. All of our shelves are crafted from Poplar wood with full nail construction (no glue!) for a solid and strong display for your crystals and other special treasures. 

The Mama Moon Phase shelf measures approximately 23" tall, 12" wide and 1.7" deep. This shelf has seven usable shelf levels to place your crystals, minerals or other treasures. The space at the peak of the shelf is ideal for a small crystal point. The remaining shelves have a usable space that measure from 1" (this space is ideal for small tumbled stones) on up to 4.3" (which is great for larger display pieces).

Please allow up to 5 business days for your shelf to leave our studio. Thank you.

You will receive one shelf and it will be very similar to the shelf shown in the photos. Wood grain patterns vary. Crystals and minerals shown are for example only and are not included with the shelf.