Mini Red Hematite Phantom Quartz Lot of Crystals


This high energy group of mini phantom quartz crystals would make an amazing lot for crystal grid work. Included in the group are all crystals shown in the photos. 42 mini natural quartz points, each with the inclusion of Red Hematite phantoms. Please note, these are natural (not polished, or shaped) quartz points, straight from the earth. They are a lovely lot, but some do have natural, chips and flaws. 

Phantoms in crystals present as cloud-like layers that mimic the final shape of the termination and crystal faces. Each phantom marking represents a stage in the growth of the crystal, and each one of these stages can last for hundreds of thousands of years! Phantoms markings can also be coated in secondary mineral, which is the case with this lot.

Clear Quartz is believed to be the supreme gift of Mother Nature. Clear Quartz has a strong vibration and excellent metaphysical properties. It promotes healing, clarity, energy and power. Red hematite is believed to help stimulate the mind and enhance memory. It is also believed to be a stone that helps build courage.