Deluxe Metatrons Cube Sphere Energy Grid & Sphere Stand


Metatron’s Cube is a sacred geometrical symbol that forms a map of Creation and contains every shape that exists in the universe, these very shapes are the building blocks of all physical matter. This sacred symbol has been revered by mystics, sages and ancient civilizations throughout the ages of time. Within Metatrons Cube you will find the five "Platonic Solids". These shapes are examples of polyhedra, all of whose faces are congruent regular polygons and where the same number of faces meet at every vertex. The earliest description of them as a group is in Platos Timaeus. All creations in our world can be traced to these shapes in one form of another.

This beautiful Metatrons Cube heirloom grid has been crafted from solid Poplar wood. Engraved in fine detail, stained in a walnut finish and coated in a blend of natural oil.

13 perfect divots are placed around the board. This board is ideal for crystal grid work or simply as a beautiful, mystical and meaningful display for your favorite crystal spheres! For crystal healing and energy grid-work, these divots allow you to securely seat up to 13 spheres for your crystal spreads. The divots are small enough that you can also place tumbled stones, standing points or any other crystal right over top to allow flexibility and fluidity within your layouts. 

Deeply engraved detailing around the perimeter of the board are the 5 platonic solid shapes and the perfect circle, which represents unity and wholeness.

Board measures 9" in diameter and almost 1" thick. Stone & Violet branded on the underside of the board. 

You will receive the board only. Crystals and Minerals shown are not included.