Lizard Labradorite Carving


This is truly one of the more magical Labradorite carvings I have come upon to date. The level of detail in this carving is phenomenal, but what makes this piece so very special is the color play within the labradorite flash! The piece appears predominately as Gold Labradorite however the coloring shifts as the piece is rotated and as the lighting changes. Rare pink Labradorite is prominent on the reverse side and also peeks out from the carved side when held at certain angles. The piece also appears as Blue when held at a sharp side angle. 

Measures 2" and has been left natural/unpolished. You will be receiving the exact piece shown in the photos.

Lizard Symbolism: Lizards’ symbolism is very positive. These animals are associated with transformation, adaptability, changes, vitality, regeneration and life. The Lizards' power lies in its ability of being able to rescue himself from danger by leaving a part of himself behind. He only has the ability to lose his tail once and needs to make this choice wisely as the consequences may be experienced for a long time to come. The Lizard is a powerful totem to have, he assists with revealing your weaknesses, your strengths and prompting the energy of change.