Large Orbicular Ocean Jasper Standing Freeform - 1.5lbs


This is a gorgeous specimen of Ocean Jasper. Dark green jasper with dots of Bloodstone, marbling Yellow Jasper, Quartz and ultra crisp and vibrant orbs throughout. Organic flowing patterns within the jasper and the satin polish make this a stand out piece. Weighs 695gms (1.53lbs) and stands 5.9" tall.

Orbicular Ocean Jasper is a rare stone that comes from only one area of the world, the shoreline of northwestern Madagascar. Ocean Jasper is a soothing and nourishing stone that radiates pure happiness. A stone of spiritual wisdom and insight, one that encourages a feeling of joy and contentment. 

The orb patterns within ocean jasper are formed by chalcedony that grows around a central nucleus, creating a small sphere within the larger mass of rock.  This growth pattern is reflected in the energetic qualities of the stone. The orb markings are associated with the symbolism of the circle/sphere which is traditionally symbolic of wholeness, perfection, and time, a complete and whole geometric shape without an obvious beginning or end. Ocean Jasper is associated with the astrological sign Capricorn.

This is gorgeous piece with a wide array of colors and lots of beautiful orbs dotted throughout. There are also multiple druzy crystal openings and one portion of the piece is a delicate shade of rose. Measures 77mm in size. The weight of the piece is 1.3lbs (607gms).