Labradorite Bull Carving


The Bull symbolizes strength of purpose versus impulsiveness. He teaches us to carefully look to our past experiences and take the time and patience to figure out how we will create and shape our future. The bull tells us that the future is abundant and fertile if not rushed into without proper preparation. Gaining insight into impulsive behaviors will boost personal power and success in times of decision. The bull utilizes his strength to hold his ground in any situation, committing to see his task out until the end. From this, we can observe the benefits of holding our ground when necessary. The symbolic nature of the strength of the bull is not only physical, but also signifies strength of thoughts and emotions.

This piece has a great golden shade of flash and measures 44mm tall. There is a divot towards the top of the piece but please know this is not hole that goes all the way through. You will be receiving the exact carving shown in the photos.