Jet Flat Palm Stone


Jet is a light-weight form of fossilized wood, it is derived from trees that are over a million years old and that have decomposed under natural high pressure conditions. Jet is an Earth element stone that is associated with the astrological sign Capricorn. It is a stone of sympathy and healing and has been used to create 'mourning' jewelry since the Victorian era. An effective absorber of negative energy and a stone of choice to have near during difficult times. An excellent grounding stone, it is also used often in meditation and scrying. By helping to remove mental blockages and worries, Jet is a stone that is helpful in allowing you to find within yourself what is needed to progress in the direction that is best for you.

Details: You will receive 1 fully polished flat Jet stone similar to those shown in the photos. Pieces measure approximately 2.4" in length. All pieces in this grouping have a beautiful and glossy polish. These are fantastic quality Jet stones however please note that they are natural, earth made crystals and you will find small openings in these pieces (please see photos).