Hippo Verdite Carving


Another pair of Hippos have arrived to the shop! This adorable duo could be a pair of siblings or a pair of companions. Either way, they sure appear to be comfortable and content in each others company!

This large piece measures 8" x 5.2" and weighs 2.9lbs. It has been carved from a solid piece of stone. Excellent detail throughout the carving! All visible areas are polished and the underside has been left natural. You will be receiving the exact carving shown in the photos.

Hippopotamus Symbolism

The Hippo is a fierce and powerful protector of its young. The ancient Egyptians recognized the role of the female hippopotamus and honored her as Taurt or Tawaret, the goddess of childbirth and the benevolent protector of fertility, pregnant women and their children. Taurt stands upright, has the head and torso of a pregnant hippo, the claws of a lion, and the tail of a crocodile. 

Much of a female hippo’s time is spent preparing for and raising her offspring. A mother hippo will teach a young calf to swim and walk by her side to ensure that aggressive bull hippos cannot injure them. The Hippopotamus mother will also watch and protect the offspring of other Hippo mothers, which is a rare occurrence in the animal world.

The Hippopotamus is an amazing animal that lives both underwater and above ground. It combines the elements of earth and water and teaches us how to integrate the attributes of both into our daily life.

About Verdite

Verdite was discovered in North Kaap River, South Africa in areas where gold was found and dates back to 3500 million years ago. It has been used by South African natives for hundreds of years as an ornamental stone and for amulets and sculpture carvings.

Verdite is an Earth element stone that is associated with the astrological sign Pisces. Verdite is a stone of information and awareness. It will bring to light any unwanted and unneeded external influences on your life as well as assist in gaining information from the ancient wisdom of our planet.