Hippo Carnelian Totem


This adorable hippo measures approximately 2.5" in length. You will be receiving the exact piece shown in the photos. 

Hippopotamus Symbolism 

The symbolic history of the Hippo goes back to Ancient Egypt and they were highly revered by the Egyptians as a powerful, strong, and "bull" like protection. The word Hippo itself is from ancient Greek for "River Horse". The Hippo is a fierce and powerful protector of its young. The ancient Egyptians recognized the role of the female hippopotamus and honored her as Taurt or Tawaret, the goddess of childbirth and the benevolent protector of fertility, pregnant women and their children.

Much of a female hippo’s time is spent preparing for and raising her offspring. The Hippopotamus mother will also watch and protect the offspring of other Hippo mothers, which is a rare occurrence in the animal world.

The Hippopotamus is an amazing animal that lives both underwater and above ground. It combines the elements of earth and water and teaches us how to integrate the attributes of both into our daily life.