CHIPPED - Extra Large Black Obsidian Merkaba

$22.99 $60.00

This piece has a small chip on 3 of the corners. See last photo for the piece you will be receiving. The worst of the three chips is shown in the right corner.

Black Obsidian, associated with the astrological sign of Sagittarius, is one of the most protective stones and is excellent for combatting negativity. It is also often used as a scrying stone. Once polished, it has a beautiful reflective surface with the depth of infinite space. Obsidian is a volcanic lava that cools very quickly. This quick speed prevents crystallization and the rock forms as a solid black shiny mass of lava. 

Beautiful, very large Black Obsidian Merkabas! Difficult to find in the larger sizes, each side measures approximately 2.4" and the Merkaba weighs approximately .75lbs.  Highly polished with amazing reflection and shine! Some Merkaba may have touches of natural silver or gold sheen.