Golden Lemurian Crystal Point


This golden lemurian crystal has absolutely gorgeous clarity, mild etching, a slightly frosty surface with lovely, delicate tangerine coloring. This crystal was found amongst a group of tangerine quartz which had a few "record keeper" crystals amongst the batch. Record keeper crystals have unusual triangle markings on one or more of its faces, which is quite rare, however this crystal has a perfect circle marking, I have never seen such a marking on a crystal to date! See second photo for circle marking. 

This piece weighs 20gms and measures 3.2" in length. For an all natural, uncut and unpolished piece, this crystal is in immaculate condition with only very minor chips.

About Lemurian Seed Crystals: Lemurian crystals are master crystals within the crystal kingdom. They are naturally formed generators that are identified by their horizontal striations, etching and often frosted surface. They are typically found loose in sand banks, as opposed to how crystals are normally found, which is in cluster growth formation. There is a legend around these crystal points that begins with a lost ancient civilization called Lemuria. The people of Lemuria were highly spiritual and peaceful. As their time was coming to an end, they programmed and planted these crystals as a way to teach lessons of peace and oneness. Their knowledge has been said to be encoded into the crystals (via the ridged striations) so that when found, future generations may learn of their wisdom. These crystals were said to have been planted throughout the earth and further out into other dimensions. When you handle and connect with a Lemurian crystal, you are connecting to a grid of energies from across the Earth and beyond.

About "Tangerine Quartz" or "Golden Lemurian": The cause of the natural golden hue in these pieces is the inclusion of either Hematite or Iron Oxide that settles onto the surface of the crystal during its formation.