Dow Channeling Transmitter Quartz Crystal - 335gms


This special twin quartz, has a Dow termination as its main crystal! A Dow crystal is a crystal that has a termination with three perfect triangle faces separated by three seven-sided faces. This special crystal manifests perfect geometry in the termination, alternating between triangles and seven-sided faces. The ratio of these crystals is 7:3:7:3:7:3. The symmetrical patterning of the Dow Crystal is unique among all crystalline forms. 

Dow Quartz Crystals are considered one of the "Twelve Master Crystals" and are a powerful teaching and healing crystal. They provide balance and are extremely effective crystals to use for deep meditative work. Dow crystals facilitate intuitive awareness and the connection with “All That Is”.

You will be receiving the exact crystal shown in the photos. The main termination is a dow crystal with 7:3:7:3:7:3 ratio. The secondary twin point also has triangle three-sided faces with alternating faces each being 5 sided. Please note that this is a natural crystal, with no shaping or polishing. There are natural chips around the piece. 

Measures 3" and weighs 335gms (.73lbs) and feels amazing in hand!