Copper Vessel - 5.25"


This amazing Copper bowl is completely all natural! The Copper is melted and poured into a bowl form, then cooled, cleaned and reheated for a second time. The second heating process creates the natural play of rainbow shades. Each piece is one of a kind with a beautiful organic shape and a striking range of colors.

Details: This large vessel measures approximately 5.25" wide and weighs 1.34lbs. This inside of this piece features a vibrant blend of bright pinks and coppers with a hint of blue and purple. The exterior is a variety of cool shaded blues, greens and yellows. This piece when at rest and empty, sits with a tiny bit of a lean (see photos), however when filled with crystals or other items the bowl rocks into level position.

You will be receiving one copper vessel and it will be the exact piece shown in all photos except the last photo.

Copper is an amazing conductor and stimulator of energy. In the metaphysical realm, Copper is regarded to move spiritual energy around and between individuals (mind and body), crystals and minerals, and throughout the spirit world. Copper is often a companion mineral used as a means to sharpen the energies of the crystals placed within its company. This, paired with the ability of Copper to conduct energy, makes Copper an excellent vessel for charging your crystals!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the natural hand poured aspect of the piece, some of the edges could be sharp to the touch. Handle with care. Decorative use only. Not for food or drink. 

*Last photo is an example of multiple vessels on display. These vessels and the crystals they contain are not included.