Complete Mountain Set
Complete Mountain Set
Complete Mountain Set
Complete Mountain Set

Complete Mountain Set

This one-of-a-kind shelf has been designed and created here in my studio/shop, crafted to resemble a mountain range. Sanded smooth, stained walnut, polished in mineral oil and filled with an amazing array of crystals and minerals for an instant collection of natural pieces for your home. The shelf measures approximately 11.5" wide, 9" tall and 1.5" deep. The following 15 pieces included and as shown in the photos are:

  • Extra Large Amethyst Point
  • Raw Aquamarine
  • Petrified Wood Branch with one polished edge (Love this piece!)
  • Hematite Tumbled
  • Moss Agate Tumbled
  • Faceted and fully polished Fluorite Point
  • Apophyllite Pyramid
  • Pyrite Cluster (fresh from the heart of a Limestone rock which I just unearthed a few weeks ago!)
  • Rainbow Fluorite Raw
  • Moonstone Raw
  • Clear Quartz Seer Stone
  • Kyanite Blade (this is a super gemmy and beautiful piece!)
  • Green Calcite
  • Copper Specimen
  • Hawks Eye Tumbled
Sawtooth hanger and rubber bumpers have been pre-installed for hanging, level and balance. Branded on the reverse side with Stone and Violet logo, see last photo for example.