Complete Mountain Set
Complete Mountain Set
Complete Mountain Set
Complete Mountain Set
Complete Mountain Set
Complete Mountain Set

Complete Mountain Set

An original design to Stone & Violet, since Autumn of 2013, the Mountain Shelf has been created here in our shop and filled with a complete curated set of Crystals and Minerals. I take into careful consideration crystal and mineral variety, balance and proportion, for a beautiful and cohesive collection!

The following are all 17 pieces included. You will be receiving the exact pieces shown in the photos:

  • Amethyst Cluster
  • Petrified Wood Branch Segment with one polished face
  • Chrysocolla Rough
  • Apophyllite Crystal Pyramid with Stilbite
  • Lepidolite and Quartz Rough
  • Candle Quartz Point (with self-healed flat back)
  • Citrine Cluster
  • Moonstone Tumbled
  • Large Amazonite Tumbled
  • Clear Quartz Seer Stone
  • Rhodonite Tumbled
  • White Agate Tumbled
  • Copper Specimen
  • Hematite Tumbled
  • Pyrite Rough Small
  • Rose Quartz Tumbled
  • Black Onyx Tumbled

Hanging hardware and rubber bumpers have been pre-installed for hanging, level and balance. Branded on the reverse side with Stone and Violet logo. Finished in a natural blend of wood appropriate oils and waxes. Shelf dimensions are approximately 12" wide, 9" tall and 1.5" deep.

This set ships via USPS Priority Mail with shipping insurance to the U.S. If you live outside of the U.S. please ensure that this is the only item in your cart at the time of checkout. Internationally, this set will ship via USPS First Class shipping and will be uninsured. If you would like shipping insurance, please contact me with your shipping address to discuss adding insurance to your package.