Clear Quartz Cluster


This special quartz piece features one large termination with a pair of terminations at the base that intersect at their termination! This piece has multiple inner child crystals coming from two of the faces. One of the smaller terminations at the base also has an additional tiny crystal termination.

This piece has phenomenal energy and feels amazing in hand. Weighs over half a pound and a brilliant piece all around! Measures 3.5" at its longest dimension.  Please note, this is a natural, unshaped and unpolished piece. There are small natural chips present around the piece. 

Clear quartz is known as the "Master Crystal". Quartz crystal carries with it an energy that aids in balancing, reenergizing and harmonizing both the physical and spiritual planes. It is considered the most versatile multipurpose healing stone of all and its use as such has been recorded in many ancient manuscripts. Quartz has been attributed with the ability to channel energy and light. It focuses the mind, is an aid in meditation and absorbs, cleanses and releases negativity.