Charoite Cat Carving - 80gms


I recently was able to hand sort through a small group of gemstone carvings from the 1960's. I was eager to select a few special pieces for my own collection and also purchased a small group for the shop. This beautiful Charoite cat carving was one of them! Charoite is rarely used for carvings and I have never once came upon a Charoite cat. This is the only Charoite piece that I was able to get. This piece has excellent carved detailing and beautiful, highly quality violet coloring! This royal feline has been cleansed with sage and is looking and feeling beautiful!

Cat Symbolism The cat is a mysterious and magical creature, one that resonates with courage, patience and independence. Cats have the ability to see in the dark and they enjoy their time spent roaming the night when most creatures are at rest. They navigate through the darkness with comfort and ease. The cat reminds us to have the courage to explore and move forward when challenged with new ideas. The cat is also comfortable with oneself and feels no need to perform or to please. A reminder to not accept or tolerate what doesn't feel right for your life at that moment.

Size: Stands 2.3" tall. Weighs 80gms.

You will be receiving the exact piece shown in the photos.