Ceremonial White Sage - Extra Large Bundle


Ethically wild harvested, extra large smudge sticks that measure approximately 11" in length. You will receive one smudging wand. 

The smoke of white sage has been used for centuries as a natural incense and for smudging purposes. It is a great way to cleanse your home, your work space and of course your crystals and minerals of negative energy. Use it in your home with the change of the seasons, when an illness has just passed through, or anytime you would like to clear out the 'bad' and refresh and renew. 

A little goes a long way, so you may light just the tips of the wand to create the purifying white smoke, or even remove a single leaf at a time and light them individually. Always be sure to use a firesafe dish and use precaution when working with it. 

Please Note: Use appropriate precautions when burning your sage, always keep your space well ventilated and never leave your lit or smoldering sage unattended. Do not hang your smudge stick while it is burning, it is only to be hung when completely extinguished.