Cauldron and Tripod Magical Workings Set


Please allow up to 5 days for your set to leave my studio. U.S. Orders only please. If outside of U.S., please get in touch prior to ordering.

This set is ideal for tabletop magical workings and comes complete with an iron tripod stand with hanging chain, one cast iron cauldron, and a starter packet of loose white sage as well as a pouch of incense cones and a tea light candle to get you started on your magical journeys! 

This one set has many uses, below are some of the ways that you can utilize your tabletop cauldron set:

  • Ritual Herbs: This set is perfect for smudging and herbal ritual work. You can burn dried herbs within the cauldron, or hang them from the hook of the pyramid during your workings with herbs, plants, flowers and more. The cauldron has a rich and varied history. The hearth was known as the 'heart of the home'. The cauldron, was the 'pot of life'. The food, drink, herbal antidotes, purification of water and cleanliness all could happen because of these magical pots. Used often for making herbal blends, incenses, and other ritual work, such as divination and cleansing. The cauldron is a must have tool for any practitioner of Earth Magic.
  • Pendulum Dowsing and Scrying: Place a pendulum on the hook of your pyramid stand and use your hanging pendulum for divination work. The area below the pyramid and pendulum is a great space to place crystals or other tools to aid with your divination work. Scrying is another way of working with the set. Place a scrying mirror or scrying vessel under the pyramid or fill your cauldron vessel with water for a dark and reflective focal point for your work.
  • Crystal Cleansing: Regularly cleansing and energizing your crystals and pendulums is of upmost importance. Cleansing under a pyramid is extremely effective at removing old energy and infusing your pieces with high and pure vibrational energy.


The Pyramid
Each metal pyramid is welded one at time with a fixed hook placed underneath the apex of the pyramid. This is a fixed, solid and secure piece pyramid! Coated in a black metal finish and has three fitted rubber feet to protect the surface below. The pyramid height stands approximately 11.5" tall.

The Cauldron
Your cast iron cauldron will measure approximately 5" wide at its exterior and the interior opening measuring approximately 3".

Starter Kit

  • One tea-light candle.
  • One Box of 10 HEM Chandan (one of my favorite scents!) Incense Cones 
  • One pouch of Ceremonial White Sage. The smoke of white sage has been used for centuries as a natural incense and for smudging purposes. It is a great way to cleanse your home, your work space and of course your crystals and minerals of negative energy. Use it in your home with the change of the seasons, when an illness has just passed through, or anytime you would like to clear out the 'bad' and refresh and renew.


Please Note: Neither a pendulum, scrying mirror or board are included with this set. Also, any additional crystals, minerals, candles, etc. shown in the photos are not included. Please refer to the lists above for the included items. Always use appropriate precautions when burning candles, incense and/or herbs and resins. Always keep your space well ventilated. Never leave anything that is burning or smoldering left unattended.