Bronzite Warrior Palm Stone


Bronzite is a fantastic Earth element stone that is a most excellent tool for grounding. It promotes clarity and certainty of thinking and actions. Bronzite is also a highly protective, warrior stone, that will send any negativity back to the original source. It is one of empowerment, that will fortify your personal power in difficult situations. I absolutely adore the energy of Bronzite and find it an essential addition to any growing crystal collection! Bronzite is associated with the zodiac Leo and the Base and Sacral Chakras.

You will receive ONE Bronzite Palm Stone similar in excellent quality as those shown in the photos. Pieces measure approximately 50mm in length. These beauties each have a carved concave center which makes them excellent for handling during mediation. Stones of this shape are often called Worry Stones but I would hesitate to make any connection with worrying when you have a Bronzite in hand.... these are Warrior Stones!