Blue Apatite Sphere - 45gms


You will be receiving the exact piece shown in the first and second photos. It measures 45mm in size. This sphere has vibrant blue Apatite coloring with hints of Red Apatite swirled through. There are a couple of very small openings in the piece. 

Blue Apatite is a powerful stone! A stone of manifestation, it enhances communication and is able to draw out negative energies and stimulate creativity. The Blue variety of Apatite in particular, allows you to connect with the higher levels of your spiritual guidance. It is used to deepen and maintain focus in mediation and is also used to help develop and/or enhance ones psychic abilities. Associated with the Astrological signs Libra and Gemini. 

Apatite can come in a variety of natural shades. Mostly commonly Apatite is Green, Brown, Blue, Yellow and sometimes a darker shade of Red. This bright and vibrant natural shade of blue Apatite is found in Madagascar, which is where these specimens are from. I hand picked these spheres and they all are primarily bright blue in shade, some also have swirls of brown/red apatite and veins of white.