Authentic Turquoise Lion Carving - 49gms


I recently was able to hand sort through a small group of gemstone carvings from the 1960's. I was eager to select a few special pieces for my own collection and also purchased a small group for the shop. This piece caught my eye, first, due its exquisite quality turquoise. This material is fantastic with very little inclusion and in extremely hard to find quality today. Second, I just adore this little guy. He is small but mighty, with his fierce pose and fiery mane!

Dimensions: This special carving measures 1.9" in length and weighs 49gms.

Lion Symbolism: The Lion is symbolic of personal strength, courage and leadership. The male Lion is considered the King of Beasts and few animals will dare to challenge the Lion. He is a relentless warrior and will die fighting for what is necessary for him and his Pride. The female Lions work together to care for the young and hunt for their community. The Lion reminds us to keep our heads held high with poise and dignity, no matter what is thrown your way. Be a warrior and fight relentlessly for what is true to your path and necessary for your health and happiness.