Authentic Turquoise Iguana Carving - 107gms


RESERVED for Tracy - Please do not purchase unless you are Tracy.

  • Turquoise Iguana - $255
  • Turquoise Toad - $85
  • Ametrine Sphere $115
  • =$455 Total 
  • Deposit of $45 PAID 8/30
  • Payment 2: 136.66 PAID 10/3
  • Payment 3:136.66 PAID
  • Payment 4:136.66 PAID
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I recently was able to hand sort through a small group of gemstone carvings from the 1960's. I was eager to select a few special pieces for my own collection and also purchased a small group for the shop. 

I adore the selection of turquoise used in this stunning carving. The various tones of coloring within the Turquoise really add to the character of this piece and the detail is breathtaking. An amazing amount of skill and talent went into this piece. A true work of art!

Cleansed with sage and ready to swim along on his journey.

Dimensions: This large and impressive sculpture measures 3.4" in length from front tip to back tip. The piece weighs 107gms.

Iguana Symbolism: The Iguana symbolizes patience, understanding and kindness. They are contemplative creatures expressing infinite acceptance and contentment. They revel in the simple pleasures.  Each moment in the warmth of the sun is a gift. The iguana teaches us many lessons in the importance of feeling fulfilled with what we have in our lives and allow us to understand our inherent nature and purpose on this Earth.