Auralite Amethyst Wand - 73gms


Auralite Amethyst, also known as Auralite 23, is found in Northern Canada within the Boreal Forest. Auralite grows in banded layers which is composed primarily of Amethyst. This chevron patterning has been created by the starting and stopping of the crystal growth and the exposure to heat and pressure throughout its formative years. Auralite has been found to include a variety of up to 23 earth element and mineral energies which makes it a potent and powerful metaphysical tool.

This piece has brilliant energy and a beautiful display of mineral inclusion. Wand is fully polished and measures 4" in length. Auralite 23 is difficult to find in polished wand form and with such a lovely display of minerals. You will be receiving the exact piece shown in the photos.