Amethyst, Quartz, Aragonite Star & Pyrite Cluster Set


Almost 2.5lbs of crystals (2.44)! A gorgeous set for someone who wants to begin or grow their natural crystal collection! Also perfect for shelf display as all pieces stand upright nicely! You will receive all pieces shown in the photos. A large Amethyst cluster that measures approximately 5" on each edge. An extra large Aragonite Star cluster measuring 3.25". A beautiful clear quartz cluster with a trio of points radiating upwards from the quartz matrix, one of the terminations is a twin! Lastly, a natural Pyrite cluster measuring approximately 2".

Aragonite: Aragonite is an amazing stabilizer and Earth healer, it provides patience when under stress and is nurturing and balancing to the emotions and body. The structure of these clusters are quite unique, with crystals radiating outward from a central core. This formation allows light and energy to beam outward in all directions, thus potently cleansing the surrounding energy fields.

Amethyst: Often referred to as the Stone of Spirit, its beautiful natural violet colors beams with energy that speaks directly to the crown chakra.

Clear Quartz: Known as the "Master Crystal". Quartz crystal carries with it an energy that aids in balancing, reenergizing and harmonizing both the physical and spiritual planes. It is considered the most versatile multipurpose healing stone of all and its use as such has been recorded in many ancient manuscripts. Quartz has been attributed with the ability to channel energy and light. It focuses the mind, is an aid in meditation and absorbs, cleanses and releases negativity.

Pyrite: The name Pyrite is derived from the word Pyr, which is the Greek word for Fire. When Pyrite was struck against another hard mineral, sparks ('fire') would occur, and thus the mineral we know as Pyrite was named. The Shamans often used Pyrite in healing rituals. Pyrite is a great stone for the mind and memory, and is also considered a stone of Protection.