Amazonite Elephant Carving


Amazonite elephant carving. You will be receiving the exact piece shown in photos. 

Size: Measures approximately 2.5" in length. 

Elephant Symbolism: Elephants have been revered throughout history. They are the largest land animals and are among the longest living with with a life span of over 60 years. Elephants can teach us pride, gentleness and commitment. Elephants are wholly committed to all creatures with whom they have relationships with and have an intense focus on family, including past and future generations. They are most strong when protecting others yet are nurturing and gentle in many aspects. They are wise, reliable and patient creatures. Shamans tell us that the Elephant guides us toward a deeper understanding of the Maiden, Mother and Crone and helps us reconnect with our own positive feminine attributes.

Malachite is a copper-bearing mineral that is well known for its beautiful fibrous and botryoidal growth. It is a stone of vibrancy, and with its bright earth green energy, it is useful in clearing and rebalancing the chakras, particularly the heart chakra. Malachite is a powerful stone of creation, development and spiritual growth.

Throughout history Malachite was often carved into amulets. It is believed to have the ability to foretell impending disaster by breaking into pieces when trouble is near. Malachite is also considered a guardian stone for travelers, a piece of malachite bearing an eye pattern were often worn or carried to protect against the evil eye.