Agate Bear Geode Polished Slice - 155gms


This lovely, bear shaped agate slice features a natural geode opening in the center of the piece that is glistening with crystal growth. This piece has a great polish throughout both sides. In low, natural light this appears as a cool, gray/blue shade of agate, but when held up to sunlight, it appears as a warm, beige shade. Please note that there are a couple of ridges on the front/flat area of the piece just above the geode opening. These ridges are best seen when the piece is held at an angle, please see the last photo to view these ridges.

Size: Measures 90mm x 79mm x 12mm thick. Weighs 155gms.

You will be receiving the exact piece shown in the photos. 

Bear Symbolism: The bear is emblematic of grounding force, strength, sovereignty and motherhood. She reminds us to take control and leadership of our own life. She is admired for her strength and her presence commands respect. The bear is an animal who is greatly in touch with the earth and the cycles of nature and will take lengthy rests when necessary. This reminds us to listen to our bodies and take time to heal and restore.