10 Forest Incense Cones and Miniature Burner


Please note: The incense you will receive with this bundle is FOREST by HEM, not Sandalwood. Additional incense boxes can be found here.

This little bundle is a great to take with you on the go. You will receive one box of 10 HEM Sandalwood Cones in the FOREST scent. These are tall cones with long burning time and fantastic scent. The miniature incense burner is the perfect little vessel for small space, measuring just 2.2" tall.

Please note that it is recommended to use the miniature burner as an open vessel. Once the lid is in place, it will often extinguish the cone. 

Please Note: Use appropriate precautions when burning incense, always keep your space well ventilated and never leave lit or smoldering incense unattended. Extinguish fully in a firesafe dish.