12 Rose Quartz Tumbled Stones


Rose Quartz is a happy and loving stone, often referred to as the stone of 'Unconditional Love'. It has a soft energy that is full of peace, healing and nourishment. 

12 is considered the Divine number and revered by early astronomers and mathematicians. 12 is the number that rules our time, our calendar... our skies were divided into 12 sections, and early civilizations used the number 12 as the core of their beliefs. There are 12 days of Yule, 12 astrological signs, as well as 12 being the core of ancient and modern systems of measurement. 12 is considered Whole, Perfect and Divine. 12 pieces to place in perfect order around your Flower of Life sacred geometric symbol.

You will receive 12 bright Rose Quartz tumbled stones in a mix of sizing that ranges from approximately .6" to 1". These pieces are a great size for healing grid and energy work or to take with you on the go. These pieces have a more natural shape and are not overly rounded from excessive tumbling.

Please Note: You will be receiving 12 tumbled Rose Quartz stones as described above.