Available in 2 styles! Moon Phases and Sacred Geometry.

sacred geometry triangle shelf pyramid metaphysical

This shelf is EVERYTHING and this shelf is all about YOU! Encompass your entire collection of magical goods and curiosities... all of those special treasures that make you, you. Tarot cards, crystals, candles, incense, here is that special place to store it all!

The Moon Phase Everything Triangle Shelf Pyramid

Full nail construction makes for a rock solid and secure shelf. Attention to detail at every step of the hand crafted process gives you a polished and finished display.Hanging hardware pre-installed so your shelf is ready for immediate wall display. Handmade here in Pennsylvania!

Choose your style...

The Moon Phase EVERYTHING Shelf
Moon Phases Shelf Lunar Phase Shelf Lunar Magical Triangle Shelf Pyramid Shelf


The Sacred Geometry EVERYTHING Shelfsacred geometry symbol platonic solids symbolism flower of life ancient symbol