Natural Red Capped Amethyst Crystal Point - 24g


This beautiful Red Capped Amethyst crystal is in natural form with very little chips or flaws. This piece features a trio of small terminations at the main point. Piece measures 2.3" in length and weighs 24gms. You will be receiving the exact piece shown in the photos.

Red Capped Amethyst consists of hematite (iron oxide) and amethyst - combined by Mother Nature. Amethyst is a essential, powerful and protective stone that magnifies the energy of crystals around it. Amethyst assists in remembering and understanding dreams. It enhances the aura, self-esteem, meditation, spirit contact and spirituality. Amethyst encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom. It calms the mind, helping you become more focused, enhancing memory and improving motivation. Hematite is very grounding and helps anchor excessive energy on the physical plane. It allows one to "get out" of their heads and be fully present.