• ANGEL - Crystal Set with Card and Pouch
  • ANGEL - Crystal Set with Card and Pouch
  • ANGEL - Crystal Set with Card and Pouch
  • ANGEL - Crystal Set with Card and Pouch
  • ANGEL - Crystal Set with Card and Pouch
  • ANGEL - Crystal Set with Card and Pouch
  • ANGEL - Crystal Set with Card and Pouch

ANGEL - Crystal Set with Card and Pouch

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A crystal collection to elevate consciousness and open the upper chakras to assist in connecting with angels and spirit guides. 

  • Angelite (Blue Anhydrite)
  • Crackle Quartz
  • Pinolith
  • Selenite
  • Clear Quartz

Angelite and Selenite are commonly used crystals for spiritual communication. I have also selected Pinolith in this collection due to the content of Magnesite which instills deep peace during meditation. Placed on the third eye, this stone enhances visualization. It assists in producing an opening of the crown chakra and heart chakra and stimulates heartfelt love. Lastly, I included Cracked Quartz in this collection for its beautiful Rainbow flashes and its ability to radiate light energy. 

In these sets I have carefully gathered four types of stones that I feel best energetically support the intention of the set. Each set also comes with a fifth stone, Clear Quartz, to sharpen the energies of the crystals within the set. 

Your set will come to you with its own complimentary colored jute carry pouch and an accompanying information card which states the crystals included in the set as well as a few power words or a small ritual based around the strengths of the crystal energies included within the set. 

Crystals are living formations that have been growing from our Earths resources since the beginning of time and each comes with a powerful charge of Mother Earths energy! The energy patterns that exist within each crystal can be strengthened through thought and intention and these energy patterns and vibrations can be accessed to use as a resource for our own needs.

We are electrical beings and all crystals carry electromagnetic energy. When the energy of a crystal comes into contact with our body, it can effect it on many different levels. This is why we find that we are naturally drawn to the colors needed to create balance in our lives. 

Many cultures have recognized the potential healing powers of color. Egyptians built healing temples of light. Bathing in sunlight that was shone through colored gems such as rubies and sapphires, onto people seeking healing. This color therapy would provide an array of benefits specific to the color of light used.

Our consciousness aligns with the colors we keep in our sacred space and these colors can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas. Color is energy! But color is not the only important factor, the particular energy given off by a stone is also determined by its internal crystalline structure and by the vibrations that are specific to that structure.

Crystals are special gifts from the earth and can be excellent companions in your journey to balance and wholeness.