The Original shelf has been named as so, because it is just that, one of our original and most classic styles. Full nail construction (no wood glue!) makes for a rock solid and secure shelf. Attention to detail at every step of the hand crafted process gives you a polished and finished display. Hanging hardware pre-installed so your shelf is ready for immediate wall display. The Original Moon Phase shelf made its debut in 2012 and we have been offering it ever since, handmade right here in Pennsylvania! As the years went on, we added such styles as the Sacred Geometry and the Alchemy... with more to come! 

The Original is the perfect size to hold a small grouping of your most prized pieces. Select your design and add your unique style to your space without taking up a whole lot of wall space. Currently available in multiple designs.

Size: 14.5" Tall. 12" Wide. 1.7" Deep