Handmade Elder Futhark Rune Set


Stone & Violet Elder Futhark Set
First Edition Pressing!

Included in the set:

  • 24 handmade runes with burned runic alphabet on one side and ornate burned first edition design on the reverse. 1 blank rune with burned design on reverse. Runes measure approximately 2.4" x 1" x .3". 
  • Custom screen-printed (made right here in my studio!) high quality Rune Pouch made from 100% Organic Cotton. This printed design depicts the exclusive First Edition pressing pattern which is burned onto the reverse side of each Rune in the set. The pouch is perfectly sized to allow plenty of extra space to for movement of the runes for drawing/shuffling purposes.
  • Stone & Violet The Elder Futhark Art Postcard Print sealed cello sleeve. Postcard measures 5.5" x 4.25".

Rune Set Details: This special, heirloom quality Elder Futhark Rune Set has been made with care, authentication and dedication to both the Earth and the ritual of rune casting. Crafted purely from solid Maple hardwood with burnings for markings, there is absolutely no chemicals or coatings... this set is as natural as it comes! The reverse side of each rune features an ornate burned pattern which I have designed exclusive to this First Edition set! 

Each rune has been beveled and sanded individually to create 25 smooth and tactile pieces. There is consistent and even sizing across each rune, so, when cast, they will land squarely on either of the flat faces or sides which is ideal to give clear and concise readings.

While it is ideal to create your own special Rune set, I realize that not everyone has the means to do so, so I created these pieces with love and light, positive energy and nothing but wonderful intentions for those who are looking for a special pre-made set. 

About Maple: Maple Wood is feminine in nature, highly spiritual and deeply associated with the Moon. Maple wood enhances intellectual pursuits, acquiring knowledge and communication which make it a fabulous wood for runic companions. Maple is often used in the magical realm for crafting wands and is a wood to rely upon time and time again, for its consistency, strength and uniform power. 

Rune History: Casting runes is one of the most mysterious divination methods, one that is steeped in Viking history. Runes are more than just a tool for divination. The Elder Futhark is the oldest form of the runic alphabet. Its inscriptions are found on artifacts such as runestones, amulets and tools dating back to the 2nd through 8th centuries. The Elder Futhark is divided into three Aetts, which is a family of 8 runes, with each Aett being ruled by its own God. 

  • Freyjas Aett is the first group of eight runes. This group deals with the establishment of order. The coming together of the primal forces of fire, ice, chaos and order to bring about the gift of the gods... the world we live on and life itself. This is the Aett of the nurturer: the Mother, the Farmer and the Merchant. This group was named for Freyja who was worshipped as the Goddess of Fertility, and was often portrayed as a goddess of Love, Beauty and Attraction. Freyja was said to be the most beloved, honored and renowned among all goddesses.
  • Heimdalls Aett (sometimes identified as Hagal's Aett) is the second group of eight runes. This group deals with the energies that weave, pull and disrupt... energies which consequently allow for change to take place. Heimdall in Norse Mythology was the watchman of the gods. Heimdall dwelled at the entry to Asgard where he guarded Bifrost, the rainbow bridge. He required less sleep than a bird, could see 100 leagues, and could hear grass growing in the meadows and wool growing on sheep. Heimdall is a warrior. Ever-watchful, he struggles against overwhelming odds, showing unending courage in his duties. The runes in this Aett represent dynamic powers of transformation which serve as a counter balance to the forces of creation.
  • Tyr's Aett is the final group of eight runes. This group represents protection, establishment of order and justice. Tyr was one of the principal Norse war gods along side of Thor and Odin, but also the god who presided over matters of law and justice.