Solid Maple Wood Handmade Element Totem Set


Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The simplest forms of existence. In order for life to exist, these four elements must be present. Together these elements form the natural world, and each, in some way is dependent on the others. They are the elements that fuel the cycle of birth, life and the transition into the beyond.

This special set has been designed and handmade here in the Stone & Violet studio. This set is crafted with respect to the earth and is completely all natural. Each wood piece is hand cut, shaped and sanded from solid Maple wood. The designs are burned onto the wood and each piece is finished in a coating of food grade mineral oil. Each piece measures approximately 2.3" in length, 1" wide and .3" thick. You will receive 4 pieces, one each representing Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Earth - The basis and foundation of all Elements. Earth is the place we live, it is our soil, our stone and our sand. Earth is the strength and force within all of us. Earth is the element of stability, wisdom, strength, growth and prosperity.

Air - Air is vital to the survival of all living beings. Air is the manifestation of movement and communication. It represents all that we cannot see such as our souls, our minds and our spirits. Air is the power of the mind, inspiration and imagination. Air is knowledge, dreams and wishes. Air is the element of new life and new possibilities.

Fire - Fire is transformation. It provides us with heat and light. The Fire element is unique in that it can only exist by consuming another element. The Fire element represents commitment, motivation, compassion, lust, creativity and fertility. It is the element of change. 

Water - Water is the greatest necessity. Without water, life cannot be. Water is our rivers, lakes, ocean and rain. It is a cleansing, healing, nourishing, loving and purifying. Water is peace, friendship and love.

Wishing you a blessed day!