12 Sheen Obsidian Tumbled Stones


12 is considered the Divine number and revered by early astronomers and mathematicians. 12 is the number that rules our time, our calendar... our skies were divided into 12 sections, and early civilizations used the number 12 as the core of their beliefs. There are 12 days of Yule, 12 astrological signs, as well as 12 being the core of ancient and modern systems of measurement. 12 is considered Whole, Perfect and Divine. 12 pieces to place in perfect order around your Flower of Life sacred geometric symbol.

About Sheen Obsidian: Black Obsidian is one of the most protective stones and is excellent for combatting negativity. It is often used by Shaman healers to connect to the energy source of the Universe. Obsidian is a volcanic lava that cools very quickly. This quick speed prevents crystallization and the rock forms as a solid black shiny mass of lava. Sometimes tiny air bubbles get trapped within, and this creates the natural effect of 'Sheen' within the obsidian. Sheen usually presents in either Gold or Silver.

You will receive 12 Sheen Obsidian to use in your healing and energy work practices. Pieces measures approximately .75" - 1".

Please note: Sheen Obsidian usually appears as solid black under natural light. When the piece is held under bright direct light is when the shimmer is most visible.

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